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6 color presets to be used in Lightroom ONLY. 

Presets include: 
1. Brighten Me Up
2. Feeling Blue
3. Golden Hour
4. In The Deep
5. Indoor
6. White Room 

Presets work best when applied to images that are shot and exposed correctly. If a preset is not working with your image, you may adjust it (in fact, you should be adjusting them per image, not just applying one click!) and make sure you are using the proper white balance for your image. Exposure and white balance are KEY and ESSENTIAL to any look for a photo, and a preset will not fix an improperly exposed image with white balance that is off. 

First image - courtesy of Becci Ravera using In The Deep
Second images - Lauren Grayson
Third images - Lauren Grayson
Fourth image - Courtesy of Julie Godbolt using In The Deep
Fifth images - Courtesy of Katie Emmons using Golden Hour

Due to the digital nature of products, all sales are final and absolutely no refunds will be given upon purchase. 

After payment, you will receive an email with a download for your presets. You will also receive a link to download an instruction manual that has additional information on how to install your presets into Lightroom, about the presets and inspiration.