In Person Sales E-Book

In Person Sales E-Book

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Everything you need to get that swift kick in the ass and begin your In Person Sales journey as a photographer! This E Book includes 12 chapters and 97 pages cover to cover full of information. 

1. What is IPS
2. Why IPS
3. Overcoming Our Fear
4. Client Expectations
5. Showing What you Want to Sell
6. What Should I sell? 
7. Establishing Authentic Relationships
8. Adding Value
9. Pricing and Presentation
10. Sales Meeting Workflow
11. Handling Client Objections
12. Final thoughts

1. My email template I use for new inquiries and clients explaining my IPS process
2. Explaining the switch to IPS to past clients 

All information contained in the In Person Sales E-Book is the sole property of Lauren Grayson Photography LLC. Lauren Grayson Photography LLC reserves all rights and privileges regarding the use of this information. Any unauthorized use, such as distributing, copying, modifying, or reprinting, is not permitted without the expressed written consent of Lauren Parker of Lauren Grayson Photography LLC. 

Due to the digital nature of this product, absolutely NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE GIVEN. Please ensure you fully understand the purchase before completing your transaction.

The E-Book is in PDF format and the two bonuses (both email templates and how to tell your client you are switching to IPS) will be in a zipped folder and will be automatically delivered to Buyer via email after purchase is complete.