A hardworking, passionate and driven Mother. You don't have a creative bone in your body but you can appreciate a piece of art when you see it. And when you see it, you know it, because you feel it. You are happy to hand over the creative reigns to a professional so that you can relax. You need someone who can take control and guide you through a session, because you have no idea what you are doing. And when your kids don't behave or listen, you need someone who gets that and laughs it off. 

You want more than just general portraits. You want artistry. You aren't concerned with wind blown hair and dirty faces. Forcing your children to sit down and stare into the camera sounds like Mission Impossible, and even a bit boring. 

You want to remember their tiny fingers, and how they hold your face when they kiss you or nurse from you. You want to to capture just how small they really are when your husband picks them up and holds them. You want more.