Yay! You are BOOKED! I am SO excited to work with you and your family! On this page you will see links to all of the resources you will need to work with me. My what to wear guide, what to expect and prep guides for each session as well as questionnaires! PLEASE, make sure that you use this! Fill out your session questionnaire BEFORE your session (this is not only for my benefit but for YOURS!) and read the prep guide before we work together so you know what to expect.

I know that this is a LOT of information, but please take the time to read through things and PLEASE share the information with your partner! We don't want the other parent showing up feeling completely confused on what to expect. 

Are you in the Client Facebook group yet?! If not, please join! This is a private group for clients only. I do my best to announce special events and more both here and on my email list. If you aren't on Facebook, or want to make sure you are in the know, feel free to add yourself to my client email list as well! 


If you need anything at all or any help from me, please don't hesitate to contact me at lauren@laurengrayson.com


session prep guides

what to wear