Are you ready to create a photography business that is profitable, sustainable and that you LOVE?!

In this intensive workshop, I will cover everything about starting, having and owning a successful photography business. Whether you are a hobbyist unsure of where to begin, a new business owner or a few years into your journey and still struggling to find your way, this course is for you.

This course includes 15 lessons that are split up into a "three-week" course.  Each lesson will include a video discussing the key points of that lesson, and each 'week' includes a PDF. The PDF's contain in-depth descriptions of each of the 15 topics as well as give you a place to jot down your own ideas, answer questions, brainstorm, and more.

I will go in depth in discussing every aspect of a photography business.  From the best ways to market to potential clients to how to price yourself so that you can be sure you are making a profit.  Defining who you are as an artist, what you want your brand to say about you and how to shoot what you love and get paid for it will ALL be answered in this course!

I will show you the tools you need to create a profitable and thriving business that you not only love, but one that doesn’t overwhelm you!

Business Basics & Beyond is a MUST HAVE photography course for any photographer just starting out, or looking to get serious about making a profit while doing their dream job!




Lesson One

Finding Your Voice 

Knowing who you are as an artist is the first step to ANY successful photography business!


Lesson Four

Crafting A Website That Sells 

The top ten things that make an attention grabbing website! A checklist for your own website revamp!


Lesson Seven

Confidence, Value, Pricing Structures

Learn the value of your time, get over pricing guilt and determine what method of pricing works for you. 

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Lesson Ten


The top 7 ways I market my business and how to determine which methods will work for you. 

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Lesson Thirteen

Studio Policies

Why we need policies and where to start when creating yours. 


Lesson Two

Creating A Brand

The difference between our visual and emotional style. Discovering our brand identity and personality. 

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Lesson Five

Business Structure

An introduction into some of the most common options when becoming a business, LLC or SLP? 

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Lesson Eight

Pricing, Finances, Expenses

How to calculate EXACTLY what you need to charge t0 make your desired income. 


Lesson Eleven


Why goals are imperative for growth in your business, and prompts to start your own goal planning!


Lesson Fourteen


Save time and get organized. Run your business, don't let it run you!

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Lesson Three

Defining Your Ideal Client

Prompts to write our ideal client profile. How to attract our dream clients. 


Lesson Six

Shoot What Your Love & Get Paid!

Yes, it is possible to love your job AND make a solid profit! Learn how to make a living with your art.

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Lesson Nine

Sales Without Selling

Four ways to sell your work without being sleazy. Staying authentic and closing the deal. 


Lesson Twelve

Customer Service

Learn why exceptional customer service is so important and 9 ways to blow your clients minds! 


Lesson Fifteen

Creating Your Business Plan

The six steps to creating your own photography business plan. 

Want a look inside the course?

Watch this short video to see actual video clips and workbook pages! 


"I loved this course!!! Lauren did an amazing job getting right to the point of what is important as a business owner and how to set goals to achieve what your truly need and want. I would recommend this course it to every photographer I know, just starting out or in need of refresher!!!"


Lauren's course blew me away in the amount of information she shares and how open she is to answering any question and talking about any business topic. Her advice and insights can help anyone starting a new business, as well as helping those already in business. The website reviews were well done and helped even those of us still building ours. Definitely a great course to take!



"In a business that is so competitive it can sometimes feel closed-off to sharing knowledge, ideas, and materials, Lauren's Business Basics and Beyond course invites students into what feels like a VIP pass to a "behind the scenes" look at how all the gears work to run a successful photography business. Lauren gives so many great examples, details, and materials that I cannot imagine finding anywhere else. The Facebook groups this class gives access to afterwards have also already been an amazing resource to me in the short time I've been a part of them!"

I am so grateful for all that I learned from Lauren in this class! There is an incredible amount of relevant information here, and I'm still digesting it all. She is knowledgeable. I am looking forward to implementing new approaches into my photo business, and I am certain it will improve how it runs for me. I also loved Lauren's straight-forwardness and sense oh humor. This class was a game-changer for me!


"I can't thank Lauren enough for her invaluable information but also her dedicated time to her students. I have purchased many education courses and Lauren was by far the most hands on teacher. I learned ways to take my business to the next level, how to manage finances to be able to create a sustainable profit, and how to implement more client interaction to book sessions. This will be a course I come back to over and over again, and her private Facebook group has been extremely helpful in its success. I cannot recommend this course and Lauren's way of teaching enough!"

"So much goodness packed into three short weeks. Such a valuable course for anyone looking at starting out in business or wanting to reinvigorate their current approach."


So, in case you were asking...what EXACTLY is Included again? 

1. Three PDF workbooks (A total of 162 pages)

2. 16 videos covering all 15 lessons (over 270 minutes of recorded video) 

3. Printable pages and worksheets in each workbook

4. Two bonus videos discussing In Person Sales and how I create my collections to sell effectively (59 minutes total video)

5. 10 videos of website critiques from past students

6. A spreadsheet for calculating how to determine your expenses and how many clients you need to take to earn your desired income. A video is also included showing you exactly how to use this spreadsheet

Are you ready to take your photography business to the next level?