Intimate Women’s Portraiture

A Lauren Grayson boudoir experience is a unique one. These sessions are more about creating emotionally driven art, rather than dressing up and just being 'sexy'. 

My Why & Philosophy

To tell you a little bit about why I shoot the way I do and who I am as an artist, I feel that I also need to share a little about my own experience being photographed. 

 I wanted photographs that captured who I was as an individual. I didn't need to be overly sexualized, but I wanted to feel something when I looked at them. I wanted to be able to look back when I was older and have something tangible that captured who I was at that very age and stage in my life. When I decided to have portraits done of myself, I had a very specific person in mind. I knew exactly what I wanted, and that I wanted something more. More emotional, more intimate, more...meaningful.  I had never really been interested in having 'boudoir' photographs done, but a particular artist had opened my eyes up to an entirely new world of photographers and creators who photographed boudoir in a whole new way. 

I did the session. I was liberated. I was hooked. 

I share a few of my own photos above with you, because I want you to know how freeing of an experience this was for me. I want you to know that I would never ask another woman to put herself in a position that I was not also willing to put myself in. I want you to know that finding myself through this art form was something I am deeply grateful for, as well as excited to be able to offer to others. 

While everyones reason for 'boudoir' are different (maybe it's for you, maybe it's for a spouse, you've lost weight, had a huge life change...) I aim to conquer a few key things with each and every client at all my sessions. I want every woman's photos and experience, to leave them with a certain feeling

A feeling of confidence. Empowerment. Self love and respect. Fearlessness. 

No matter your reason. No matter your age. Whether your a Mom, single, divorced an entrepreneur, CEO or local barista, you deserve it. I do not consider myself a typical 'boudoir' photographer. That doesn't mean there isn't some lingerie involved (if you want) but that I fist consider myself more of an, Intimate Women's Portrait Artist. One size doesn't fit all in my studio, and I want to know and tell your story through art. 

The Experience


After booking, we will start planning your session right away! I will have you fill out a questionnaire so that I can get to know you better, and learn exactly what you are hoping to gain from our time together. I am happy to suggest places to shop, and help answer any questions you have about wardrobe, posing, etc. Sessions can take place on location, in your home, at the Akron studio, a cool AirBnB...really, anywhere you want! 


If there is one thing I here after almost EVERY session, it would have to be, "Well that was NOTHING like what I thought it would be!". No reason to be nervous, when we meet we'll take a few moments to chat and discuss what our game plan is before we start! We'll probably spend most of the time talking and joking, and you'll find these sessions are much more casual and relaxed than you imagined. We’ll turn on some music, I’ll show you the albums and products I have to offer and we will have fun!


After your session, I will hand select your best images and lightly retouch them. Once they are ready, I will send you a soft proofing gallery online where you will be able to instantly choose which collection and images you would like. Once you have selected your images, I will put the finish touches on the edits and get that album ordered and shipped right to your door. Super easy, super simple. Just like it should be!


"I had a blast! Thanks for making the experience so fun and enjoyable. The pictures look SO SO good!! I seriously can't stop looking at them."


"I have to tell you my husband absolutely LOVED the book I made him!!! And I made him wait until the wedding night to see it :) Thank you so much for the lovely photos and the amazing book!!!"

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