Unique Mothers Day Gift Ideas 2019


Let me guess…you dropped the ball and just realized that today is THURSDAY May 9th, and Mother’s Day is this Sunday. I get it. Life is busy and crazy and I myself, am a last minute gift shopper. I am actually a last minute everything person, seriously, before we left for Iceland for our wedding, my husband had packed up all of his things about a week in advance. Me? I started somewhere between midnight and 1:00 AM the day of. Yep. I am that person. Which is why, I bring to you, the last minute gift givers guide for Mother’s Day!

A few months ago, I asked the Mom’s on Facebook who I am friends with (many local to the Akron and Cleveland areas and many whom are my clients!) that if they could pick ANY THREE THINGS for Mother’s Day, what would their top 3 be. Now, if you are local to me in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland Ohio area, or if you are far away, some of these will apply to you!

Notice I said, I asked this a few months ago, because I was hoping to write this blog post way in advance to help out, but as I said before, I am also a procrastinator big time, so here we are. Last minute blog post with the information you need! I can’t give you ALL of them, but I can tell you what the top FIVE answers were, and honestly, almost ALL the Mom’s said at least 2-3 of these ones!

So, what did the Mom’s say? HERE ARE THE TOP 4 ANSWERS! SURVEY SAYS….

  1. A Photo Session - Well, yeah I am going to go ahead and start with THIS ONE since YOU MAY NOT READ THIS ENTIRE LIST! Does your wife/girlfriend/baby mama/significant other always whine that she is the one who always takes the pictures? That YOU are always in the photos with the kids and she is always BEHIND the lens? That YOU never take the photo at the right angle and you keep giving her a double chin?! Well, then you my friend, need to buy your wife her own photo session for Mother’s Day. Whether it’s just her and the kids or she wants to have a full family session and allow you to be included (she’s nice like that) I am your gal! Summer is the PERFECT TIME for family photos and outdoor sessions and this is a unique and thoughtful gift that will continue to give every time she walks past those frames on the wall.

    So, if you want to snag a session, what should you do?! Well, one you can buy a gift certificate and let her choose the date/location/etc. Or TWO, you can grab a spot for my special event I am having this AUGUST at the beach in Cleveland for a short, petite little mini session and surprise her with a quick photo shoot. Grab one below! I have a special offer for Mother’s Day gift cards below, but hurry, there are only THREE available for purchase!

2. SLEEP - Well, this one is FREE and EASY you guys! You could even afford to give Mom both ONE and TWO on this list and TOTALLY rock her WORLD! Nope, not in the way you were thinking, in the way WE were thinking! Uninterrupted sleep. Blissful, peaceful sleep. Plug in the sound machine. Give us one of those eye masks. Wake up with the baby at night and give her a bottle. Let us nap. Take the kids out for a walk so we can have some silence. Just give us sleep. Please. We are so, so tired.

3. SPA DAY - This is a pretty popular request as well I noticed. A huge trend towards some R&R and self care. We do the dishes, clean the house, cook, work, wipe butts and wash laundry. But many of us don’t take the time to take care of ourselves. Just a little self care, it’s all we are asking for. A manicure, pedicure, maybe a massage. A gift certificate to the spa would be PERFECTION. You can go big or small on this one, but either way, the thoughtfulness will NOT be overlooked. I promise!

4. TO BE DAD - Okay, joking. Sort of. While sleep and a spa day and photos were the top 3 most common answers, there were an array of other answers that I am putting into the category ‘be dad’. Which included, not having to break up fights, everyone being nice and getting along, someone else cooking or cleaning for me and the kids and just overall some downtime and NO responsibility for a day. Some Mom’s wanted alone time AWAY from the kids (peace SUCKERSSS) and other’s wanted quality family time with less work. Not saying Dad’s don’t work hard (you do, we know! And all those nasty colds you get…it’s tough) but Farther’s Day is next month, so don’t make this about YOU!

So, Dad, what’s it gonna be? What is the lucky lady getting for Mother’s Day this year? Just make sure it’s not nothing, mmkay? You’ve been warned!