Cleveland Photographer Couples Outdoor Session at Sunset with their Puppy

I don’t know where to even start with this one! Laura contacted me interested in doing a session with her husband and their new puppy Furi. She wanted to have some updated photos of their family and to celebrate their sweet new fur baby addition. Her outfit choices were perfection, we figured out a great location and planned it all out! I knew pretty quickly with our back and forth in emails that we would get along easily.

Then came the session day, and it was SNOWING. We rescheduled.That day came…and iIt rained. We rescheduled again. I kid you not, FOUR TIMES, officially my record, we had to reschedule until we finally had a session set up for the perfect spring evening. I am so glad we waited though because this evening was worth it.

Both Zack and Laura were so easy to talk to and work with. We had fun, well I did and I hope they did, and serious poses were a little harder because this is an adventurous and fun loving couple that jokes around and doesn’t really take life too seriously. Which is a good thing! Less dramatic posing and more fun posing was the game!

And sweet Furi, I swear I have never met a sweeter puppy. She listened so WELL and was the perfect addition to the session. The only issue we really had was that I had trouble focusing on taking photos and talking less.

I really have no interest in returning to the wedding game ever, but man I would definitely LOVE to photograph more couples just like this! If you’re interested in a session, remember, you don’t have to have kids to have photos done. Whether your current baby is just a furry one or a houseplant, you and your lover can always get some sweet portraits done!