Photographer Canton Ohio, Outdoor Water Maternity Session

Can we give it up REAL quick for this Mama? This is her THIRD baby. THIRD. Her and her family haven’t been in the Canton, Ohio area forever, they moved here recently and I couldn’t be more thrilled she agreed to join me for this little outdoor adventure with her bump.

It wasn’t the least bit glamorous or graceful. But none of that matters when the end result is perfection. This session was shot late morning, which is typically a big NO NO for me, but scheduling wise it’s what worked out and I love being able to take conditions I wouldn’t normally like and attempting to use them to my advantage. The harsh mid morning light here in Ohio is for real sometimes and I tried to use that lighting to create beautiful contrast in some of these images. I know, I’m probably boring you…

So instead let me tell you about the big ass, giant black hairy spiders we saw, that gave us the creeps, or the two older women who were searching through the water looking at bugs and studying them that we ran into after we finished up our photos.

This is one my favorite spots in the Canton, Ohio area to do photos at because typically, it’s extremely private and it works well for photos like this (aka naked and nude and birthday suit) but I had never seen the place so damn popular as it was on this day. Go figure. Oh well, no one was harmed and no older ladies saw any nipples, everyone was fully clothed before we ran into them. So I guess all is well with the world still. And I didn’t have to deliver a baby in a dirty creek. As Charlie Sheen would say, WINNING!

Anyways, back to the photos…when given time and freedom to create and explore, I truly feel I do my best work. So, if you are adventurous, not the least bit shy and just want something different, shoot me a message. I would love to chat with you and see what amazing things we could come up with to do together.

( forewarning, there is nudity contained in this post )