Cleveland Family Photographer, Spring Cherry Blossom Motherhood Photo Session

I’ve lived in Ohio the majority of my life. I was born in Akron, and while I briefly lived in Pennsylvania as a child, the Northeast Ohio area has always been my home. So, the fact that I had never visited the Cherry Blossoms at Brookside in Cleveland, Ohio just to see them, let alone I had never taken photos there, was kind of surprising to some!

I decided this year that had to change! I was so glad that we got a nice cloudy morning for these photos, it started raining a little during our shoot but we kept going! I’ve learned you have to just embrace the clouds and the rain a little bit if you are EVER going to do photos outdoors in Ohio because, well, it’s cloudy a lot and it rains a ridiculous amount let’s be honest. Especially this year, I feel like I’m in Seattle.

So, even though it was a little wet and hectic, we managed to make it out here right after they first started blooming so they were still generally untouched by the crowds of people that would be here in the coming days. It was gorgeous and so worth the drive! I wish I had a behind the scenes video of us trying to manage my 10 month old, Michelle’s two twins, shooting around other photographers, the rain and weather, being next to a street with traffic…it was hectic but you can’t tell in the photos that I hope look serene and ethereal.