Akron Photographer, A Studio Motherhood Story Session Downtown with Aimee

This Motherhood Session came about when I had a last minute cancellation, and Aimee jumped on the chance to make up for missing the Motherhood Sessions I had done that year!

This session was photographed in a beautiful, industrial studio space in downtown Akron, Ohio (don’t you love the natural look and feel of it all?!) and she brought her two youngest ones for a quick photo shoot. Aimee, gorgeous and tall, fit perfectly into the Reclamation gown I had on hand for her photos and slayed in it!

My goal for a Motherhood session is always to get a great mix of intimate moments and fun ones depending on the child. Some children are soft and quiet and shy, but MOST kids may start out this way with me and once they are warmed up love to get a little wild and let loose. And that is totally fine with me! I love those intimate moments and close up, detailed photographs, but I also want children to be who they are during a photo session with me and if that means dancing, running, jumping around, music, yellowing and a shit load of sweat than so be it. There was a lot of sweat during this session and I was totally exhausted, but it was worth it. Totally worth it.

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