Akron Photographer, Fresh 48 Hospital Newborn Session, Welcoming Joshua

This is the third baby to join this family, and I’ve gotten to meet each one of these children as newborns. It was so sweet to watch Drew (big brother) get so excited about his new little baby brother. Sticking his hand int he bassinet to hold his hand and giggling. While I’m sure things are pretty crazy for Mom at home with all three right now, it was so sweet to see how much he loved his baby brother from the start! Big sister loved holding her baby brother and and snuggling with Mom. She is definitely a Mama’s girl all the way! For her, I did newborn photos but for both boys I did hospital newborn photos (aka fresh 48 as some call it) at Akron General here in Akron, Ohio.

I always tell people, if there were any days I could go back to, it would be those first few. Yes, the hospital is annoying. Constantly being woken up for vital checks, uncomfortable beds and don’t forget that new crying baby or the aftermath of giving birth (whether it be a c-section or not!) to handle and deal with. But, it’s special. it’s unique. it’s so, so short. And it’s euphoric. It’s exhausting and overwhelming and sometimes honestly there are some seriously hard moments, but you are also on a bit of a post birth high. Those first days and hours with your new baby are so special and something to be celebrated and remembered. The photos I have of our stay in the hospital are personally some of my most treasured and valued with our daughter.

With that being said, onto the photos! Enjoy!