Canfield Photographer, An Intimate In Home Maternity Session with Jenna

One of the things I love about photographing people in their own homes, are the personal touches that the photos will carry forever. People move homes, styles and decor changes, but with photographs, you’ll be able to remember just the way your home was when you were expecting your first or second or maybe third baby. I love looking back at how our family and life has changed, but also the small things and details when I look at maternity photographs we have had in our home. Our home has changed, but also our lives have changed and our children grow so fast.

Funny story, I didn’t realize it until I was only a few minutes away, but Jenna happens to live in a development in Canfield, Ohio that I lived at for several years while I was a child! So crazy to be back in a neighborhood I had lived in all these years later! Of course, things looked a little different, but it was still such a weird thing to be back in Canfield since I live out in Akron with my family now.

There is so much I love about this session! The life in the photos and how excited my friend Jenna is about her upcoming first baby, a girl! She is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and will be such a fabulous mother. I can’t wait to meet her baby girl and see how beautiful she is!