6 Reasons Summer is the BEST time for your outdoor family photo session! Akron Ohio Family Portrait Photographer

Trust me, I know this blog post isn’t going to change the fact that every August, it begins. The onslaught of emails all photographers receive asking for fall photos. Here in Ohio, especially, families LOVE their fall photos! I get it. It sounds good. And it can be BEAUTIFUL. But, the truth is, timing the colors and changing of the leaves can be a tad tricky. The weather can be very cold, it can be really wet and damp and the sun begins to set pretty early. Which is why, I absolutely LOVE summer sessions. Like, LOVE madly and deeply those summer family photo sessions!

So, I wanted to share with you my TOP 6 reasons why summer sessions are the bomb and why YOU should book one for your family this year. With me, of course.

Psst: PLEASE read all the way to #6 for a special little gift for you if you are thinking about booking a family photo session with me this summer!

  1. That warm, golden sunset!

When you think of your family photos do you image them in the midst of a field with that golden glow all around you? Then summer is your FRIEND! This is the perfect time of year for sun drenched photos with tons of flare and warmth.


2. Schools out (for summer!)

Schools out, which means kids aren’t in class all day and they don’t need to wake up early. It also means, that sporting events and extracurricular activities are (or well, usually are) about as minimal as they get. This means more time for scheduling a family session without as many conflicts with other events, and it also means you don’t need to worry if kids stay up and out a little later than normal, since they don’t need to wake up early and can sleep in! Trust me, summer is WAY easier if you have school age children!

3. Weather & Conditions

Continuing on the same train of thought with that warm golden sun and kids having no school, the weather is optimal during the summer months for photos! Sunset is later, which makes scheduling so much easier on a weeknight after work, and we have a lot more daylight to work with. I know, most people think fall is the best time for photos here in Ohio (you are thinking of those pretty leaves, I know you are!) but let me hit you with the truth: the majority of fall photos are COLD. Kids are busy and in school, they are sick, sunset is a LOT earlier (which complicates scheduling) and things are typically wet and damp and there is a lot more rescheduling and a lot more whining from cold kiddos. Summer, however, in Akron, Ohio means WARMTH and warmth means much happier children!


4. Location, Location, Location

Fields of gorgeous wildflowers and streams and creeks, oh my! Missing out on those fall colors and leaves doesn’t mean missing out on gorgeous colors and tones in your photos. Little ones loving picking wildflowers to give to Mama and throwing rocks in the creek. Playing in the water or creaks in Akron or heading to the beaches in Cleveland is something you can’t do ANY other time of year but summer! And it’s a ton of FUN! AND, fun equals happy smiling kids. Which is what you want in your photos, right?!


5. The outfits

I don’t know about you, but I love summer style. Flowing dresses, cute sandals and shoes, there are so many options and things you can do in the summer with styling for your session! And I am here to help. After booking, I send you a questionnaire to get to know your family a bit better. After you fill this out, I will help you find the perfect location and make suggestions on what to wear and send a suggested retailers guide! Rompers, shorts, jeans, tops, dresses…so many options for summer outfits and beautiful accessories to add in!

6. You can save 25% on your family session!

Schedule your family photo session with me for June or July of 2019 and save 25% OFF your session fee! Offer expires March 25th, so HURRY! You need to book before then to save 25%.

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