Penelope's Nursery Tour, A Personal Post

I've been sitting on this one for awhile, and I finally had time during one of Penny's nap to quickly make simple edits to her photos I took of the nursery! This type of photography is NOT my specialty, so I won't hold out any hope for a career in realty photography, but they will do! 

The story behind her nursery is this: Even though we knew very early on we were having a girl (at about 10 or 11 weeks we found out) I had planned for a neutral, natural nursery. Minimalist, modern and bohemian vibes combined. I wanted all white walls, a little greenery from fake plants (so I couldn't kill them!) and tan and cream accents. Well, the room we planned for our nursery just happened to already be gray, with one pale pink accent wall. I went back and forth with my husband, who didn't want to paint another room when it wasn't 'necessary' and finally gave up. So, gray and pink it was! 

The furniture in her room, the two white dressers, we already had and were in Max's room at the time. They were cheap furniture that I got at Big Lots a few years ago. They definitely are not NICE by any means, total cheap junk, but they work for now! I wanted to try and keep a decently small budget for this room and for the most part I really did. Except, for all the clothes in the closet, of course. 

I got a simple crib from Ikea, and the twin bed and bedding were actually things we also already owned and Max had been using as well. We upgraded him to a queen bed and moved the twin into here because we just couldn't get the frame apart. I hadn't planned on a bed in her room either, but this one has actually worked out SO well! I will go in there if I want some quiet time to nurse her or pump. 

The rocking chair was one I already owned as well that had been in my studio. We went back and forth on the glider and just never ended up purchasing another one. Most of the other things I did purchase for this room, but I did my best to find deals or sales or buy inexpensive accents!

I have listed where everything was from and some links below!

Some of these links are affiliate links, which just means I may get a small percentage if you buy any of it, but it costs the same to you :)