My Annual Motherhood Sessions

Each year, I hold Motherhood Sessions in the Spring. These sessions are near and dear to my heart and always end up being one of my favorite things I do each year. 

I tell people time and time again, you do not need professional photos taken of every moment in your life. The fact that DSLR cameras are affordable and available and that our phones now take photos with the same amount of megapixels that my first "professional" camera had back in the day, makes things EASIER than EVER! Your daily life, snapshots, your child's first birthday, vacations...these are all things that are important and that YOU are there to capture. 

Professional portraits (good ones!) are an investment. And the longer I am in business, the more I believe in quality over quantity. I try and get professional photographs taken of our family at least once a year. It depends on what season you are in your families life, sometimes there are moments that call for me and years that call for less, but they are important. 

Motherhood Sessions (appropriately scheduled to be near Mothers Day and in the spring of course!) are a celebration of your journey through being a Mom and a parent. We take most of the photos, unless you have a rad significant other who is super into photography, and therefore are usually in the frame the LEAST. These sessions aren't about if you are happy about where you are physically at the moment. They are more about proof that you were there. You may be taking these for you, or you may be taking these for your children. So, even if you feel like you aren't at your 'goal weight' or it's not the right time, try and remember that no time is ever perfect. And that if for nothing else, give your children the gift of moments and memories. Photographs filled with you and your love in them. That is something that MANY of us do not have, and wish we did. 

While this session didn't take place during my Motherhood event, it was done seperately, it's what to expect for my studio Motherhood sessions this year which I am SO excited about, and as usual, sold out right away! I am debating adding on another date for this April or May because I love how these turned out SO much. But we'll see. 

If you are interested in one of these or a session, email me directly at 

MaternityLauren Parker