21 things the PHOTOGRAPHER in your life REALLY wants for Christmas!


Okay, guys here is the deal. Any photographer out there can tell you that when the holiday season rolls around, they already know what is going to be under the tree with their name on it. I can tell you that there are TWO items I receive over and over again every year. And while it's truly the thought that counts and I am grateful no matter what, I need another camera coffee mug or a camera ornament like I need a higher tax bill. Not sure if I am even saying that correctly but, you get the idea! 

Whether the person you love is your wife, best friend, brother, etc, whether they are a hobbyist, momtographer or a professional, I tried to include a little something for everyone on this list! A few may be things that you have already thought of, but, I think you will find there are also a few unconventional ideas below to get you brainstorming. 

So, if YOU are the photographer, go ahead, share this with your significant other and family! If you are a photographer yourself, looking for a few extra tax write-offs before the end of the year, have at it! Go wild! Get yourself some write-offs! If you are a super grateful client looking to get your photographer a unique gift for all their hard work for your family this year, then look no further! Here are 21 gifts to get the photographer (or yourself!) in your life! 

*Some of the products/links below are affiliate links, but I promise, each product is something I do actually suggest! ;)


Hit the title of the product to be directed to the product link, and products are in order via the photo, top to bottom, left to right. 

1. SanDisk Extreme Pro Camera Card - The first few items are going to address the number one complaint/issue you have probably heard your photographer whine about: STORAGE. Oh, there is just never, ever enough space or storage for anything anywhere. Our scratch disks are always full, and we are always out of space. The ExtremePro SD cards are by far my favorite and the best, good for hobbyists or professionals. At 95 MB/S you won't have to worry so much about a slow, lagging card in between shots. 

2. SD Card Case - If your photographer is wandering around with their cards in a ziplock baggy THEY NEED ONE OF THESE ASAP! This nifty case is not only waterproof, but it keeps the cards arranged and safe in their own little spots. Broken cards happen in plastic baggies or in pockets of jackets and bags, they do not happen in kickass cases. (well they shouldn't happen as easily at least) Also - QUICK NOTE about the first two products here, make sure to check if your photog's camera takes SD or CF cards!!! Same idea, but one is bigger and cameras take one or the other. 

3. WD Portable External Hard Drive - I personally have this item and I am pretty happy with it so far. I've done some research on external hard drives and Western Digital has one of the lowest failure rates when it comes to external hard drives. I do suggest buying a little case for this as well to give it as much protection as possible, but it's always nice to have a few of these to use if you are an on the go photog who works off of a laptop a lot. 

4. Stila all day waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Off to some of our more UNCONVENTIONAL picks! This one is a little random, I know, but when you are outside in the summer heat shooting and sweating, it's nice to have an eyeliner that isn't going to melt. I personally use this eyeliner and I am obsessed with it. Easy to apply and as waterproof as eyeliner gets in my opinion. 

5. Photo Mechanic - THIS PROGRAM HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. It has a $150 price tag for lifetime use and if you ask me, that is pretty underpriced. It may be a weird gift, but seriously, this program has helped me get my life back. What does it do? Simply put, it helps me cull through sessions faster. It loads my large RAW files at lightning speed and syncs with my Lightroom so I can quickly choose which photos I want to edit and then import them. Again, maybe this doesn't even belong on a gift list, but, I love it so much I just can't stop talking about it...hence...why it's here! 

6. Fingerless Goves - Doesn't necessarily have to be this pair, although this pair looks comfy cozy (and it's unisex!) fingerless gloves are a total must-have for a photographer. Especially if your photographer shoots year round, out in the cold, travels to peaks of mountains or anything that involves cold weather and shit. These also have those cool little flaps to keep those fingers warm when they aren't on the shutter button. 

7. Camera Backpack - I have this exact backpack, my husband actually bought it for me a few years ago for Christmas and I LOVE IT. I always take it with me when we travel, hike and it's the perfect carry on for any plane ride. I ditch the purse, and can easily stow and take all my gear that I need AND my laptop, as well as whatever personal items I need. It has about a bazillion pockets, and did I mention it fits both my camera gear and a laptop? And whatever oddities I need while hiking or on a plane ride? And it comes with a sleeve for rain? Just in case? Yeah. It's awesome. 

8. A seat to Business Basics & Beyond - I may have forgotten to mention above, but while there are both a few affiliate links in here, there are ALSO some gift ideas that are self-promotion. Hey, I put together the blog post, so I can toot my own horn as well..right? This one is promoting my online workshop for photographers looking to better their photography business and start off 2018 on the right foot! This class is all online, and is three weeks jam-packed with information and starts in January! Slow season is the perfect time for your loved one to invest in bettering and improving their business! 

9.  Autonomous Standing Desk - I do not personally have this one, BUT I have seen it in action and I can tell you that the second I am ready to get my first standing desk, this is it. Many photographers are jumping on the standing desk train, and for good reason. We spend more hours in front of a screen at a computer than I am sure is recommended. This awesome desk allows you to switch easily between sitting and standing. It has a hefty price tag, but health is worth it, right? 

10. Office Chair - For those not ready to jump on the standing desk bandwagon, OR maybe for those who are but want a nice new comfy place to sit that ass when they are in sit mode at their desk, this chair, so I have been told is pretty badass.

11. Sorel Lea Wedge Bootie - Another product I personally own. I love it for it's durability, it's ability to give me a teensy bit of height, but still allowing some of the best comfort my feet have ever known. Seriously. I wore these shoes hiking in Iceland for a week. They are THAT comfortable! And durable! Great for shooting in. 

12. Standing Mat - Back to the whole standing desk thing! If you are getting your loved one a standing desk, they are going to need a mat to help them during those long work hours they will be putting in! 

13. Women's Hunter Boots - My second favorite shoe to shoot in. Or maybe tied for first. This one, is a total go too when things are wet/rainy or muddy. I never know how deep into water and creeks I will have to go for the perfect shot. And those wedding photogs out there? They have to shoot in the weather no MATTER what. So these rain boots are pretty badass when you are roughing out there and trying to get the perfect shot. 

14. LUSH bath bombs - A photog friend said she got these as a gift from a wedding client after shooting their wedding, and she just loves them. Says they smell great and make her skin feel great. Wedding (and portrait!) photographers work long hard hours on their feet sometimes, so what better way to encourage them to take a load off and relax when they turn in for the night then some luxurious bath bombs? Wow, we are only on 14 and I feel like a walking advertisement for all things on the internet tonight. Stay with me, I am trying super hard to calm down the hype and corniness. 

15. Pendleton Blanket with Carrier - I bet you every husband out there can tell you what the number one thing his photographer wife collects (ESPECIALLY IF SHE SHOOTS FAMILIES!) and that would be ... BLANKETS! Oh, blankets. Quilts. Kaftans. I don't even know how many I have at this point, but we can't always shoot on the same thing, okay guys? We just can't. All of our photos can't look the same and seasons and outfits really determine what we can do here. If you can't snag a nice looking vintage quilt for your photographer, think about a Pendleton with a CARRIER. Oh yeah. The carrier makes it nice and easy for hiking to the perfect backlit sunny spot. And I personally am the proud owner of a Pendleton blanket and I love it. 

16. Hydroflask Water Bottle - My son actually uses these in his lunchbox, at school and for sports, BUT these are also amazing for photographers. Whether you are shooting an all day wedding or a day filled with mini sessions or just even one session in 95 degree weather, these water bottles are totally badass. One downfall, they can't be washed in the dishwasher, BUT, they seriously keep your ice and water cold for HOURS. And I don't know about you...but I hate warm water. So I don't leave home without a good water bottle. 

17. Fujifilm X100F - This one I don't want to be too camera specific (although the one I have listed here is an amazing choice!) but how many of you have noticed that your loved one no longer takes out their giant DSLR and lenses to shoot their own family anymore? This may apply less to the hobbyists and more to the pros, but I am totally guilty of dropping the ball with my own family and my camera. It's just hard to want to lug out all the gear at the zoo or pack it all for a plane ride and drag it on that family camping trip. Sometimes we don't want to feel like a slave to what also helps pay our bills. So, a nice killer point and shoot that is compact and easy to pull out and travel with is the perfect solution. 

18. Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit - Okay, shameless self-promotional suggestion #2 for the list! While Essential Oils are really more of a personal choice that I do really enjoy in my home and for my family, they do crossover into my work life. I love the Thieves cleaning products for the studio, I know it's safe for all the little fingers that come through. I LOVE some of the oils that I can diffuse in the studio, in my home, at my desk or in the car to help with stress and anxiety. They also keep the studio smelling fresh and keep my parents relaxed. And, things like the Deep Relief roll-on is amazing after a long day of shooting. It's basically like Tiger Balm in a roller bottle, without the icky shit. If you want to get started and haven't jumped on the crazy oil train, get a premium starter kit to get started. If you sign up as a member, you are not obligated to ever by anything, there is no minimum per month or year, you don't have to sell it and you do NOT have to do anything you don't want to do. You just get a nice little discount on anything you order (the wholesale price is worth it!) and order whatever you want whenever you want. My member #/Enroller ID is 2630034 which you'll need to sign up under someone. After you do, shoot me an email at lauren@laurengrayson.com or find me over on Facebook so I can hook you up with a ton of information on lots of goodies! 

19. Aspen Willow Camera Strap - Hands down, best freaking camera straps I've ever had. These things are not only adorable, but they are STURDY and they fit perfectly. I am pretty short, 5'2' and I hate when straps are too long on me and my camera hangs basically between my crotch. That isn't cute, on anyone. These are not only super affordable but again, I've had one of these for YEARS and while it looks a little rough because it's seen it's fair share of shoots, it's held up amazing! Only camera straps I buy. 

20. Letterfolk Board - Oh the letter boards. If your photographer doesn't have one of these in their studio or home yet, they probably want one. So many things you can do with these! They really don't require a ton of explaining, they kind of speak for themselves. 

21. Dark Earth Lightroom Presets - And we are going to wrap up with my self promotion #3! What photographer doesn't want MORE PRESETS for their lightroom arsenal? Go snag my Dark Earth Lightroom presets, and just for making it all the way to item number 21 on my list, I am going to give you a coupon code for 25% off my Dark Earth presets! Which are basically all I've used on any of my outdoor work this past summer and fall! Use the code HOLIDAYBLOG until midnight on December 24, 2017 to get 25% off the presets! Enjoy! 

Lauren Parker