Hey, there! I’m Lauren Grayson.

When I made the decision to open a photography business, I really had no idea what I was getting into. I was a young Mom with a love for art and a passion for creating. At that point, I had worked with children with special needs for several years, and while enjoyed it, I was ready for something new.

Lauren Grayson Photography has been one of the grandest adventures of my life.

Other than Motherhood, of course!

I put my heart and soul into my work. I strive to create unique and emotionally driven art that my families will be able to cherish for generations.

Now you've heard a bit more about my story, contact me about how we can tell yours.

We might be a good fit if…


If you want to remember the real things. Your kids dirty hands and skinned knees. You love honesty and authenticity, not trends, props and backdrops. 


Everyone sitting and smiling is NOT your idea of a perfect photo. You want laughter, tears and crooked grins. You realize that perfection is overrated and are content in confident in your families imperfections. 


You realize that perfection is overrated and are content and confident in your families imperfections. 


You want a photographer who will guide and direct you, but not pose you in unnatural ways that don't really show off who you are. 

A little look at my loved ones, and some of our most cherished photos we’ve had taken over the years!