Business Coaching & Mentoring

During Skype mentoring sessions we can discuss anything and everything that you want. specifics of your business, or your work, i am an open book.  

if you choose the 3 or 6 month continued support coaching program, Skype sessions will take place 1x a month. this way, as you begin to implement some of the things we discuss, i can continue to answer questions as they arise during your businesses transitions.

before any coaching session, i will have you fill out a in depth questionnaire as well as send me your questions prior to our meeting so that i can make sure we use our time wisely! 


(1) 90 minute session - 175

(3) 90 minute sessions - 400

(6) 90 minute sessions - 700 


Do you have trouble figuring out how many clients you need to take per year? Are you unsure of how to determine what you should BE charing based off of what you want to make or what you NEED to make? Watch this short video on how I use my Expenses Spreadsheet to determine what I need to be charging as well as how many clients I need to take per month! :) Then, when you are ready to get started, grab YOUR copy of my form below! 

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